CityBase Storefront

A better way for governments and utilities to accept and track payments

CityBase Storefront makes it easy for people to make payments to local and state governments and utilities in person, online, or on their phones.

You’ll collect more revenue more quickly and spend less by digitizing manual processes. Direct data entry and database integration make transactions and real-time reporting seamless, with cloud-based technology that’s secure and can be updated without disrupting constituent services.



CityBase Indoor Kiosk


Easy-to-use CityBase kiosks save you $2–$6 per in-person transaction and speed transaction times to less than a minute on average.

• Highly visual instructions are simple for all customers, including those with low levels of literacy.
• Reduce foot traffic and wait times.
• Handle multiple services and payments in one place.
• Integrate directly with customer information systems (CIS) and other systems for robust reporting and reconciliation.
• Sensitive information stays safe because it isn’t stored.



Point of Sale



With cashiering software and tablets, CityBase point-of-sale solutions enable more efficient interactions between citizens and cashiers.

• Visual cues and plain language simplify transactions for customers.
• Easy for cashiers to learn and use, so they can work faster.
• Direct integration with your databases means immediate processing, posting, and reconciliation.
• Capture email addresses and mobile numbers so you can encourage users to move to lower-cost service channels.
Web and Mobile


CityBase web and mobile payments make it quick and convenient to pay. Customers can link accounts and store payments.

• Mobile-first design ensures accessibility on all devices.
• Customers can make payment from anywhere that has cellular or internet service.
• Send reminders and bills via email and text. Take payments via IVR.
• Engage millennials through a channel they prefer.
• Monitor trends in user behavior via advanced analytics.

Text to Pay


CityBase Text and IVR is seamlessly integrated with all payment channels. Upgrade customers to a lower payment option by sending text receipts with easy opt-in features.

• Fully configurable messaging and functionality
• Multilingual message options
• Send service alerts or payment reminders
• Charge credit card or check balance
• All payments through Level 1 PCI compliant CityBase solution
• Cloud-based platform
Revenue Reporting


Track all payments across agencies and utilities through CityBase’s elegantly designed, end-to-end system.

• Real-time reporting on configurable dashboards gives you up-to-the-minute data.
• Choose your visualizations for transaction activity: by location, debt type, payment type, transaction times, historical comparisons, and more.
• Standard system-wide inputs enable consistent reporting across agencies.
• Automatic reconciliation is available in real time, daily, and monthly.

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