CityBase Navigate

Transform the way people experience government

CityBase Navigate makes it easy for people to find and complete tasks quickly online and on mobile with accessible digital services, human-centered content, and a unified API that connects system to system and agency to agency.


Digital Services


Residents can easily apply, request, register, search, and pay for government services—online and on their phones.

• A clean, consistent user interface is easy to navigate and act upon. Requesting any service feels familiar no matter which agency oversees it.

• Information is validated in real-time as a person types it in, ensuring forms are submitted correctly and processed faster.

• Back-end integration is instant and universal, eliminating redundant manual data entry to save staff time and reduce human error.

• Fully digitized processes mean you can provide services cost-effectively and reduce wait times for the people you serve.



Dynamic ContentResidents find information more quickly, with intuitive language and content architecture that’s geared toward your diverse constituents and their individual needs.

• Content organized into common actions allows users to find what they’re looking for and accomplish tasks quickly.

• Topics are easy to search and filter, allowing you to serve relevant information based on who’s searching.

• A dynamic content structure is easy to scale as you add new services.

• A central content library ensures that information that’s updated once is updated everywhere it appears, across all webpages.

Responsive Government


The CityBase platform integrates databases to aggregate, present, and report information in a cohesive manner across agencies.

• CityBase technology wraps around your existing databases and distills data into the smallest microservices, so there is only one command across all systems for tasks like verifying an account or looking up an address.

• Common technological language across your multiple agencies increases reliability and provides a one-stop experience for residents.

• Linking data across systems and agencies enables immediate and comprehensive analysis for both the overall system and each department’s activity, allowing you to make decisions based on what services people use and need most.


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